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These pages contain information available only to the residents and owners of homes in Candlelight Hills. Management, residents and owners are provided Usernames and Passwords to access appropriate pages.

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Architectural & Landscape Guidelines


Architectural Landscape Approval Form


These articles have been added to the base Architectural Guidelines defined in the CC &Rs which are still the governing documents.
The items are published here to assist with frequently asked questions

  2018 - Architectural and Landscape Guidelines - General Update

  2015 - Approved Home Landscape Guidelines
           2013 - Homeowner Landscape Guidelines

  2002 - Architectural Committee Update - Lot Lines


Candlelight Hills newsletters are published on an "as required" basis at the discretion of the Board of Directors and our Management team.

The HOA also maintains an Email list of everyone having email access within the community to provide timely communications on matters that the Board of Directors or Management deems important to our residents

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