Primary Contacts

  • A.A.M.
    Candlelight Hills HOA Management Company
  • City of Escondido
    Candlelight Hills is located in the City of Escondido and there web site contains many helpful links to city departments and activities
  • Holmes Landscape
    Holmes Landscape Company maintains the Candlelight Hills Common areas.  While it is NOT recommended that you contact them directly the site is listed as it contains useful landscaping information. Contact property management if you have something to report. 

More Useful Contacts

  • Escondido Police (Non Emergency)
    Escondido’s non-emergence police departments information page.
  • San Diego County Fire Safety
    Links to all County Fire Safety information including Yard Maintenance best practices for optimum fire safety.
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
    CERT site provides useful emergency preparedness and response information pertaining directly to San Diego County.
  • Rincon Water District
    Rincon Del Diablo provides water to all of Candlelight Hills.  There web site contains a wealth of information ranging from billing to water wise plants that do well in the Escondido area. 
  • BeWaterWise
    The Southern California Metropolitan Water Districts web site contains many water saving tips  as well as rebates that may be available to Candlelight Hills residents when they upgrade their property.

Local Native Plant Nurseries

These Nurseries all specialize in either Drought Tolerant Plants and/or California Native plants.

  • Day Lilly Hill Nursery
    A lovely 20 acre nursery located just off the junction of Old Hwy 395 and I-15 specializing in many unique and hard to find flowers and plants.
  • Tree of Life Nursery
    While the Tree of Life is up in San Juan Capistrano it is listed here as it is considered the statewide pre-eminent supplier of California natives as well as many other Drought Tolerant plants.
  • Moosa Creek Nursery
    This Valley Center Nursery caries many hard to find California natives and is especially good at working with customers selecting plants where growing conditions are a major concern.
  • High Country Gardens
    A mail order catalog house specializing in Western drought tolerant plants and a good source if you are looking for many smaller plants for ground covers or other large area plantings.